AMD Looking to Monetize its Large IP Portfolio

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IP commercialization and monetization continue to make strong headway in the business world as more and more of the world’s largest companies look for new ways to exploit their vast portfolios of intellectual property and make those patents work for them. Google, Microsoft, Nokia, IBM and Motorola are just a few of the large companies that have already taken measures to monetize their IP, all with great success.

AMD Looking to Monetize

Now another big company is joining them by jumping on the IP monetization bandwagon, as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), an American worldwide semiconductor company, recently announced that it has big plans with its large portfolio of intellectual property. Among the company’s impressive IP haul is the extensive cross licensing agreement it shares with Intel that includes custom and semi custom products. According to AMD, this is an obvious move to increase its IP monetization efforts, but the company has several other plans in store as it looks for ways to get the most out of its current lineup of intellectual property.

Ready to Put New Technology Up for Grabs

According to the company, which is based in Sunnyvale, California, it is also working on monetizing it’s virtual reality (VR) IP as VR technology is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the industry. In addition, AMD also hopes to monetize their latest High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) chip technology. The company also recently introduced their new lineup of Radeon R9 300 series and its brand new Fury Lineup, both of which they hope to monetize as well.

Virtual Reality Could Be Huge Opportunity

Perhaps the greatest opportunity for monetization is the company’s virtual reality intellectual property. Virtual reality is a growing technology and it’s expected to become a booming industry. AMD’s Liquid VR technology could be poised to bring the company a huge windfall of new business and by licensing that technology to other companies AMD could bring in another huge additional source of income.

The Monetization Future Looks Bright at AMD

All of these opportunities for IP monetization could provide a huge boost to AMD and its money-earning potential. This is another example of how many of the world’s largest companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of IP monetization and identifying the right intellectual property to license or sell. As more and more companies expand their IP monetization horizons, the opportunities for increased income will continue to grow. That also means we will see IP brokering continuing to play a larger role in the realm of IP monetization, which means having an experienced IP broker like IPTrader will help improve your chances of effectively monetizing your intellectual property. If you are ready to monetize your IP, then contact IPTrader today.