Can Your Company Afford to Overlook IP Monetization?

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How much is your company worth? How much of that worth is found in tangible assets? How much are your intangible assets worth, including your intellectual property (IP) assets? It might surprise you to learn that many companies can’t answer this last question. In fact, while most companies would have no problem rattling off the figures for the first two questions, it’s quite possible that the third question may not have even crossed their minds. That’s because intangible assets are often overlooked, and in many cases, they are completely ignored. However, that can be a costly mistake.

Monetizing Intangible Property

By ignoring their IP assets companies, universities and individuals stand to miss out on a lot of available revenue. Not only is it expensive to file for and maintain intellectual property rights, but by simply holding onto them and keeping them idled, corporations and other entities could also be losing millions of dollars. It is estimated that as much as 80 percent of most companies’ value is now found in their intangible assets, including intellectual property. However, in order to actually realize that monetary potential a company must do something about it. That is why IP monetization is so important. It’s also why more and more companies are starting to see the value of monetization and utilize it.

Knowledge = Power and Profit

The world economy has become increasingly a knowledge-based economy, which means intellectual property, such as patents and trademarks, is also becoming increasingly valuable. While most companies, from large to small have seen an increase in the value of their intangible assets, it’s those companies that have forged ahead and actually monetized those assets that have seen an improvement in their overall bottom line and financial performance. In this day and age it is not enough to just sit back and safeguard your IP assets. You have to be proactive and seek opportunities to commercialize and monetize those assets.

Monetization Methods

Monetization includes a wide spectrum of opportunities and strategies, all of which are designed to help corporations, universities and other entities profit from their intellectual property. Some of those methods include:

• Direct purchasing
• Direct selling
• Licensing
• Brokering
• Auctions
• Litigation
• Royalty stream securitization

Successful Monetization Plan

No matter which strategy you employ there are certain factors that need to be a part of every successful IP monetization strategy. You must start with a solid, detailed and well-planned out strategy to monetize your assets. You also need to have a skilled team of business professionals that work hand-in-hand with an experienced team of legal experts that understand intellectual property law, policies and procedures. Without these things in place it will be difficult to forge ahead in the competitive IP monetization marketplace.

IPTrader Can Move You Forward

At IPTrader, we understand all of these important aspects. Combining the abilities and experience of our advanced legal team, together with the focused drive of our business team, we help corporations, universities and individuals thrive in this knowledge-based economy by leveraging their intangible IP assets to their fullest. Don’t let your intellectual property sit idly by and cost you money to maintain and safeguard. Contact us and let us help make your IP work for you.