EnWave Expands IP Portfolio,
Increases Royalty Streams

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One of the best ways for companies to utilize and commercialize their intellectual property is by adding to their current IP portfolio. This can be done in several ways. One way is to file for patents that extend or expand a company’s current list of patents. Doing this successfully can increase the reach and therefore the value of your current IP. Another way to add to your intellectual property is to purchase or license patents or trademarks from other firms. With the right portfolio of technologies in place companies can be better equipped and prepared to commercialize the IP they already have.

EnWave Creating New Sources of Revenue

EnWave Corporation, an industrial technology company based in Vancouver, British Columbia has found a new avenue to increase its royalty streams with its REV-related technology. EnWave, which aims to sign royalty-bearing commercial licenses with top pharmaceutical and food companies, allowing these companies use its revolutionary technology, has strengthened its intellectual property portfolio. The company recently announced that it has acquired the technological design patents, which are designed to protect its quantaREV platform in Japan and Europe, its freezeREV platform in China and Canada and its powderREV platform in Canada.

New Technologies

The three technologies are all original, different versions of the company’s Radiant Energy Vacuum drying technology. The powderREV platform patent is a key component in order to protect the REV-related biopharmaceutical drying process. This REV platform is integral in the dehydration process using exact combinations of microwave and vacuum technology. EnWave already has several commercial partners using all of these technologies.

New Patents, New Royalties

These new patent technologies will allow EnWave to improve its business and revenue streams with future royalty-bearing commercial licenses. They will also extend the life of the current royalty streams. Presently, most of the company’s licensees must pay EnWave royalties on a quarterly basis until the last REV-related patent in the company’s IP portfolio expires. However, whenever EnWave receives a new patent the royalty stream timeline increases 20 years from the filing date. Therefore, by acquiring these new platforms the company can now greatly enhance its royalty streams.

Enhance Your IP Portfolio

Acquiring new patents can often give companies new opportunities to increase revenue streams, because intellectual property can be very valuable, especially when that IP further expands a company’s protection reach. When companies are able to acquire new patents and they take the proper steps to monetize them they can become very valuable. Another way to acquire additional intellectual property is by buying IP rights from other companies or individuals. By either purchasing or licensing IP rights a company can strengthen its position in its industry and have a stronger commercial presence.

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