How IP Can Benefit Both
Big Companies and Startups Alike

IP News and Information

Companies from all over the world, both large and small, recognize the value of intellectual property to their business. Intellectual property has the potential to help big companies get even bigger and it can help even the smallest companies grow into great success stories. “Whether companies sell their IP outright or use it to gain revenue from licensing, IP is an effective way to grow a business,” according to IPTrader president, Arlen L. Olsen. Even acquiring more IP can be a way to strengthen one’s bottom line. Despite the cost of acquiring more IP, a strengthened portfolio often adds more value to a company’s overall worth.

Reconnecting Businesses and Intellectual Property

Monetizing IP is a growing practice amongst companies of all sizes. It is also an ever-changing strategy that is constantly developing. In the past, many companies would just sit back on their IP and wait for someone to infringe upon it. They would then instigate a lawsuit, which would often lead to a licensing deal. This kind of activity, while still useful for some companies, is not the only way to profit from your IP. Some of the latest monetization efforts are focused on renewing the once-intimate connection that existed between operating businesses that have actual products and services and intellectual property. There are several example of this, including ipCreate, which partners with some of the world’s largest companies to develop patented inventions, as well as new products and services jointly.

Visit the IP Bank

Another new platform for monetizing intellectual property is via an IP bank, like the one set up by Dominion Harbor Group and the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property. This IP bank is an excellent way for start-up companies to establish themselves as real players in their industry. By withdrawing (purchasing) valuable pieces of intellectual property that can be used for offensive or defensive purposes, or both, start-ups can gain a solid footing amongst their competitors and forge ahead with a strong IP foundation. In addition, IP owners who are ready to move on can deposit their assets in an IP bank in exchange for a profit when they sell. This strategy can be used by established companies as well as by new companies, or by inventors looking to profit from an idea or invention.

Monetize Your IP With IPTrader

IPTrader is another platform in which businesses with real products and services can get reconnected with the value of intellectual property. By working with IPTrader to license or sell patents and trademarks not only can companies monetize their IP portfolios by selling or licensing them but also those who purchase or license the products can strengthen their business’s products and services. Whether you are an established company with many years in your industry, or you’re a start-up looking to create a niche in your field, at IPTrader we can help you discover the real value of your intellectual property and help you make your IP work for you. Contact us to learn more