How to Deal With IP Business
in a Changing World of Monetization

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It used to be that when a person or company wanted to monetize their patents they would snatch up as many patents as they could and then wait around for opportunities to file lawsuits against those who infringed on their IP. Likewise, software innovations used to represent a huge monetization opportunity as companies and individuals created new technologies that could be patented and then licensed or sold for large profits. However, times have changed and the realm of IP monetization is very different. What’s more, that realm is constantly changing and the methods of IP monetization are continually evolving.

The Internet of Things

So what kinds of trends are hot right now and what should those with IP, or those wanting to buy IP, be looking for? One of the hottest industries in patent or IP monetization in general is the Internet of Things. This refers to any device, object or gadget that has the ability to connect to the Internet and send and receive data. That means anything from refrigerators to home security systems and from personal devices to wearable technology can fall into this category. If you own technology that has Internet connection capability then the opportunities to monetize could be endless. Additionally, if you are looking to add to your IP portfolio, then searching for devices that fall into the Internet of Things category is likely a good place to spend your capital.

The New World of IP Monetization

While the Internet of Things has seen an increase in interest recently, other industries are not so fortunate. However, there still remain many opportunities for monetization in many other fields, such as biotech, pharmaceutical and high tech among others. That being said, the strategy of rushing out to buy as many patents as possible with the intention of filing lawsuits against anyone who infringes those patents is not necessarily the best monetization method to pursue. Not only have patents become harder to get, but also they are harder to hold onto, given the often-expensive maintenance fees that accompany them. Plus, when a company buys patents that they do not completely understand they are having a much harder time winning infringement lawsuits. However, there is still money to be made through patent and IP monetization, despite these changes.

Buy, Sale or Hold?

Some in the industry suggest that given the current state of patent monetization now is the time to hold onto intellectual property and even add to it. While this strategy can be right for many individuals and companies, the complete opposite is true for many others. The fact is there are opportunities to monetize, however, the road to IP monetization riches is usually long and it includes a prudent and sound strategy. That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to contact an IP broker if you are looking to monetize your intellectual property or add to your current portfolio. Don’t let the naysayers discourage you. There are opportunities to monetize your patents and as the realm of IP monetization continues to develop and change other new opportunities will assuredly materialize. Please contact us today at IPTrader by filling out the form below to learn more about IP monetization and how we can assist you.