How Will Blackberry Stay
Afloat Going Forward?

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BlackBerry Plans to Remain Relevant

We recently discussed BlackBerry’s monetization efforts after the company announced earlier this year that it would be acquiring Good Technology Corp. BlackBerry’s main motivation behind the purchase was to gain access to Good’s intellectual property portfolio. BlackBerry has fallen on hard times in the smartphone market it once owned, as competitors like Apple and Samsung have now overtaken the industry. However, BlackBerry still believes it can be a player in the mobile communications industry even if it no longer has much relevance in the actual handset market.

A Focus on Software

To that end, BlackBerry will be focusing the majority of its attention on software, which is the company’s largest valuation factor. According to industry estimates, software drives about one third of BlackBerry’s total valuation. That is thanks in large part to the company’s high margins growth prospects. However, what will most likely be the company’s main driving force for growth and revenue will come through monetizing its intellectual property portfolio, namely its patents. Thanks in large part to its acquisition of Good Technology Corp. BlackBerry is poised to see strong growth in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market, which continues to be one of the top growth sectors in the mobile industry.

Popular Mobile Platform Software

In fact, the deal to buy Good now puts BlackBerry in the number one position in the entire EMM sector, with nearly a 20 percent combined total share of the market. The deal also helps greatly improve the company’s cross-platform support. There is other patent monetization potential for BlackBerry in addition to the EMM market. The company is also making a name for itself in the embedded software sector, as well. As more and more vehicles are being built with infotainment systems, the top platform of choice in mobile operating systems has become QNX, thanks to its minimal hardware requirements and its strong stability. Plus, thanks to the ever-growing Internet of Things market, QNX, which is owned by BlackBerry, could see very strong growth going forward.

Licensing Deals to Be Had

Besides using the strength of its own innovations and patents to build its business, BlackBerry also plans to use its technology and products to create more licensing opportunities for other companies. The company has already begun to license some of its patent portfolio and one of the greatest advantages it has going forward is that its portfolio is made up of some of the youngest technologies in the entire communications industry. BlackBerry’s portfolio is also geared toward many of the most popular trends in the tech industry as well, including wireless technology, secure communications and the Internet of Things. These opportunities could provide BlackBerry with several new streams of revenue going forward if monetized properly.

IP Monetization Will Be the Key

If you add it all up, the future looks bright for BlackBerry despite the fact that it no longer walks among the big boys in the smartphone industry. Thanks to a strong and fresh patent portfolio there are still several growth opportunities for the company. However, the key will be how well BlackBerry can leverage its strong portfolio of patents in the newly emerging tech industry trends.