Inventergy Makes Another Big Patent Deal

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Inventergy, an investment and licensing company, has announced another intellectual property agreement, the second such agreement it has completed this year. The company announced that it has sold two patent families to an undisclosed party for a total of $4 million. While no specifics about the technology were announced the patent families are associated with the mobile communications infrastructure as well as the mobile handset market segment. The recently sold patents are part of the IP assets that the company originally purchased from Panasonic. However, those patents represent just slightly more than 5 percent of those total assets purchased from Panasonic.

Selling IP for a Profit

Inventergy has acquired hundred of patents from all over the world since its inception and the company now owns close to 760 patents that are grouped in 116 different patent families worldwide. In addition to the assets acquired from Panasonic, the company also has purchased IP from several other large leading companies throughout the world, including Huawei and Nokia. The company has employed this buy low and sell high strategy very effectively. The company is able to use its patent portfolios in several creative ways in order to increase their value, including targeted sales, licensing and several hybrid arrangements as well.

Second Big Deal of 2015

This deal represents the second large IP transaction of 2015 for Inventergy. The company closed another deal in the first quarter of the year, which was worth $2 million. That deal involved a five-year licensing agreement of the company’s Internet Multi-Media Systems patent portfolios, which it had previously acquired from Nokia and Huawei. Inventergy licensed that technology to a telecommunications infrastructure company.

More Deals to Come

The company is by no means finished making deals, either, as a company official stated that it has plans to continue monetizing and licensing its mobile patent portfolios and its Internet Multi-Media Systems. The company also indicated that it will be looking to further its patent portfolio as well by looking for new IP acquisition opportunities as it looks to expand its reach into new and emerging technologies and industries.

Maximize Your IP Monetization

Inventergy represents a growing list of companies that are realizing the value of intellectual property as an income source. In fact, in this case, the company has based its entire business model on acquiring and selling IP. While many companies that own IP are still doing nothing with it, Inventergy has found a way to maximize its IP to the fullest. By identifying available intellectual property that still has potential to be valuable to another company in the future, Inventergy is able to use IP trading as it’s chief source of income.

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