KWG Resources Purchases Chromium IP

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Many intellectual property assets have great value, but depending on the details of the technology those values will differ. Likewise, the values can vary depending on the stage that the IP filing is in. While patents that have already been issued will often posses more value than a patent application that’s still pending, even IP that’s still in the application process can have great value to another company if it fits into their current IP portfolio.

KWG Looking to Further Chromium Development

KWG Resources, an exploration stage company dedicated to the location, delineation and growth of chromite deposits has announced that is has purchased full ownership rights in two provisional patent applications in the United States. One of these patent applications is associated with the direct production of chromium iron alloys from chromite ore, while the other is related to the direct production of low carbon chromium iron alloys from chromite concentrates.

More IP Creates More Opportunity

The deal included the right to use these new acquired provisional patent applications in order to file for more applications in both Canada, the United States and elsewhere. The agreement calls for the IP seller and KWG Resources to create a limited partnership wherein the patents will be held and exploited. Even though this IP is still in the filing process, KWG said because of the strong support from scientists at Natural Resources Canada as well as from the Canadian government they felt that owning the IP now would help put the company in a more favorable position to increase its spending in both the testing and commercialization of chromite development.

Value in IP Applications

Although these patents are still only in the application phase at this time, they obviously still have value to KWG Resources. Such is the case with a lot if intellectual property. Many people file for patents that take several years to process and receive. In other cases, they might run out of funds to continue the process, or their business goals and priorities could change directions. Whatever the reason, sometimes companies decide not to continue pursuing patents or they need to sell them while they are still in the application phase.

IPTrader Will Help You Monetize IP

Therefore, even if you have IP that’s not yet been granted it could still have value to another person or company. That’ why working with an IP brokerage company, like IPTrader can be an effective way for you to monetize IP that is still in the filing process. Likewise, for those looking to purchase IP, acquiring patents that have not yet been granted could be a more cost-effective method. These are both good reasons to work with an IP broker like IPTrader to help buy, sell or license or intellectual property. Please contact us for more info or to get started with monetizing your intellectual property.