Lycos Is Ready to Sell its Patent Portfolio

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Everyone, who doesn’t live in a cave, has heard of Google. Quite possibly, even some cave dwellers have heard of the search engine giant. Google has its competitors, of course, like Yahoo, Bing and Yelp. However, long ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy, there was another search engine that had made a name for itself: Lycos. While many people who use the Internet these days have probably never herd of Lycos, it is still alive, barely. In fact, you might say it’s on life support and is nearing its last breath. So maybe that’s the why the company has decided to take a different approach in a last-ditch effort to avoid the tech cemetery.

Patents for Sale

The search engine company has just recently announced that it will put its large portfolio of patents up for grabs. The intellectual property portfolio includes search engines, online games and online ads. The move is an attempt by Lycos to either sell or license its patents as it tries to create a “mutually beneficial relationship with partners and industries” for collaboration. Lycos is also getting ready to release some new products that are designed to incorporate Internet-connect hardware.

Not the First Time for Lycos

Lycos is no stranger to the idea of repurposing its older patents in an effort to monetize them. After the company sold some less-essential patents to Vringo, Inc., Google was sued by Vringo for infringement in 2012 and lost. That judgment was later overturned, but Vringo is now asking the Supreme Court to hear the case. That will be another interesting case to watch involving intellectual property.

Using Monetization for Growth

Meanwhile, as for Lycos, the company that was once one of the largest search engines on the Web, and which sold for $5.4 billion when the dot-com bubble hit its loftiest heights, is now trying to stay afloat. The company, which was sold again in 2010 for a mere $36 million, says that it is not planning on “gaining entitlement for IP external innovation,” but rather it is hoping that its proposed monetization efforts will create new relationships and nurture increased growth.

It Makes Sense to Monetize

This idea of repurposing intellectual property is just one of the many areas we focus on at IPTrader. We understand that companies who own intellectual property often have outdated or less-essential patents and/or trademarks that are sitting idled and just costing them money to maintain. However, by utilizing different monetization methods, these pieces of intellectual property could actually be used to make companies more money, instead of being kept hidden away and under-utilized.

The Time Is Now

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