Nintendo Is Putting Its Intellectual Property to Work

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The intellectual property monetization industry may be relatively obscure to many general observers, but the IP monetization movement received another boost recently as Nintendo announced two major monetization efforts based on licensing the rights to some of the company’s intellectual property, including some if its most popular characters. This can only be considered as another positive sign that IP monetization is growing and that it will continue to play an increasingly larger role in how companies build their revenue streams and increase their bottom line.

Is Donkey Kong Coming to Universal?

As for the specifics of the deal, Nintendo keeps building momentum as it continues to use its intellectual property for increased monetization. The latest move comes in the form of a partnership with Universal Resorts, specifically Universal Theme Parks, which are owned by Comcast. The basic agreement calls for Universal studios to create Nintendo-themed park attractions for Universal resorts. That could be huge for both companies, as Nintendo characters are already known throughout the world. The new Nintendo-themed attractions could give Universal a large boost in attendance, while for Nintendo licensing rights could provide a large new revenue stream.

Nintendo Partners With DeNA to Dive Into Mobile

This latest monetization news from Nintendo comes on the heels of another recent move by the multinational consumer electronics company. In March, of this year, Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA, which also involves licensing parts of the company’s intellectual property portfolio for the purpose of monetization. The agreement will allow DeNA, a mobile games designer, to create new games for mobile devices, which will be based on Nintendo characters. According to Nintendo, the first of these games should launch sometime later this year. The deal calls for a total of five mobile games all planned for release by March of 2017.

Are TV and Movies Next?

Meanwhile, there could be more monetization news to come in the near future from Nintendo. According to some reports, the consumer electronics giant could move into the movie and television arena. Rumors have included a Netflix series based on Nintendo’s popular game Legend of Zelda. While Nintendo did claim the article contained some incorrect information the company did not deny the story or that a Netflix series was in the works. In addition, other reports have stated that Sony has been awarded the animation rights to produce a Super Mario Bros. movie. That too could be a big boost for the company.

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