Register Your Rights…Then Monetize Them

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There are all kinds of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyrights and trade secrets. Anyone who has ever created or invented something valuable or useful understands the great time, effort and dedication that go into making an idea a reality. Whether it’s in the technology industry, the pharmaceutical industry or any other industry, it just makes sense to protect your inventions. Even if you’re not interested in selling your IP rights, it still makes sense to protect them from other parties taking advantage of them without your permission.

Protection Equals Profits

On the other hand, if you are looking to profit from your invention, then you can’t overlook protecting your rights. This protection not only allows you as the inventor to prevent others from creating or using the same technology and profiting from it, but it also allows you to decide how your product will go to market, in what form it will be sold, and who will be allowed to sell it. By failing to register for your IP rights you give up the power to make these important decisions, and thus could miss out on fully profiting from your invention.

Time to Monetize

So now that you understand the importance of registering your property rights, the next question is what to do with those rights after you have them? Most people who create something have a desire to profit off their creation or invention, at least to some degree. However, there are thousands of people who have registered for intellectual property rights but have never done anything to actually monetize or commercialize them. Depending on the property rights in question, those corporations or individuals who own those rights could be missing out on untold millions of dollars in revenue, or even more.

Helping IP Sellers

That’s why it’s so important to not only register your intellectual property rights, but to also monetize them. So how do you go about monetizing your property rights? There are many different strategies to monetize commercialize IP rights, which is what we do at IPTrader. IP monetization is a complex process which involves reviewing and valuating your IP and then determining the best route to commercialize it, whether that means selling, licensing or litigating, or a combination of all three.

We Help Buyers, Too

From the buyer’s perspective, we help those interested in adding to their IP portfolios by matching them with interested parties that are looking to sell or license their IP. Foreign patent rights accumulation is yet another option for those looking to build on their IP portfolio and gain a stronger hold on certain intellectual properties in specific industries. IPTrader can also help you with foreign patent rights accumulation which can strengthen your IP ownership position internationally.

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There are many methods and strategies to IP monetization. At IPTrader, we’ll help you examine and evaluate your options and then help you move forward in the process. Contact us below if you would like to learn more about IP monetization or if you’re ready to have us review your portfolio. You can also click here to send us your information online.