Should Video Game Developers Consider Selling Their IP?

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Intellectual property rights cover a wide-range of technologies and formats. While many large technology companies, pharmaceutical companies and computer companies are loaded with huge portfolios of intellectual property, which they regularly look to monetize, that does not preclude companies in other industries, large and small, from jumping on the IP monetization bandwagon. The gaming business, both on- and offline, is a huge industry, with millions of active “gamers” and thousands of game makers. Although gaming may not be generally included in discussions regarding IP rights, there is definitely a wealth of IP in the gaming industry. So why shouldn’t game developers get involved in IP monetization? They should.

Reasons to Get in the IP Game

There are many possible reasons for game developers to consider either buying or selling IP rights in the gaming industry, including, but not limited to the following:

Give new life to an old brand – one reason a game developer might consider buying IP is to take over a brand that has gone a little stale. Imagine buying the rights to a once-popular game, making upgrades with your own developer knowledge and then remarketing that brand. The potential could be endless.
See what someone else can do – maybe you have been working on a product that has great potential but you’ve taken it as far as you can. Perhaps now is the right time to sell it to someone else, make a profit and move onto your next project.
Strengthen your portfolio – perhaps you already own some IP rights in the gaming industry and you’re looking to strengthen it even further. Buying IP rights from another party would not only give you more IP, but it could make your entire portfolio even stronger and more valuable.
Valuable trading chips – another option is to actually hold onto your IP until you’re ready to use it in a trade for different IP, just like a collector might do.
Save a fledgling company – if your company is about to go under sometimes the only way to save is by selling off your valuable IP rights.

IP Rights From All Industries

At IPTrader, we know that intellectual property is an important part of many different industries. You don’t have to be in the computer, pharmaceutical, biotech, automobile or other large industry to create and own valuable intellectual property rights. IP rights come in all forms and fashions, which is why even those in the gaming industry, which is certainly no slouch when it comes to size and breadth, should not shy away from attempting to monetize their intellectual property rights. In fact, it doesn’t matter what industry your in, if you own valuable IP rights then there could be many opportunities to commercialize or monetize them.

IP Trading Experts

At IPTrader we help corporations, universities and individuals monetize their IP. IP trading or IP monetization is a relatively new concept to many people, but it is gaining steam amongst many companies and individuals from all types of industries. If you are looking to either buy, sell or license your intellectual property rights, then IPTrader can help. Please contact us below to discuss your situation or click here to send us your information online.