What’s the True Force Behind the Innovation Economy?

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Over the last several decades how has the nations’ economy changed? On an even larger scaled, how has the world’s economy changed? What used to be an economy driven by tangible products and business has now become an economy dominated by innovation. So what exactly drives this new Innovation economy? The answer is intellectual property. Intangible innovations, or intellectual property, have become the new driving force of the world economy, thus proving the maxim that knowledge is power. However, intellectual property is more than just power: it’s also big business.

Intellectual Property is Big Business

In fact, patents, trademarks and other IP are such big business that according to one patent rights group, called the Partnership for American Innovation, the total value of IP in the U.S. is more than $5 trillion. Intellectual property also means big business as far as job creation is concerned. IP plays an integral role in more than 40 million jobs in many sectors, including the biotech, software and telecommunications industries. It’s clear that intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in the world economy and that it will continue to be one of the driving forces that continues to push this economy forward.

IP Innovation Drives Regional Growth

In addition to the many industries that count on innovation and intellectual property for so much growth and business, there are also several cities all over the world that rely on intellectual property to help spur growth and new opportunities. One such example is San Diego, California, which is an integral part of the growing innovation economy. In fact, earlier this year the 137th International Trademark Association Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, where IPTrader was on hand to meet and mingle with some of the biggest players in the intellectual property industry. What’s more, last year alone, nearly 6,600 patents were granted in the region, which creates a large demand for a wide range of IP professionals, including many IP lawyers.

University Programs Offer IP Training

To that end, some of the top universities in the San Diego area have created several opportunities and programs for those who want to enter the intellectual property field and become a driving force in the innovation economy. Both UC San Diego and San Diego State University have developed new programs to provide interested individuals the necessary opportunities to learn the skills needed to succeed in the IP industry. This is another example of how important and valuable intellectual property can be, which is one more reason that IPTrader is involved in the IP brokering sector.

IPTrader Helps IP Innovations Succeed

We know how to help individuals, corporations and universities capitalize on their IP innovations. With our help you can make your intellectual property work for you and see yourself become an important part of the growing innovation economy. If you’re ready to monetize your intellectual property then please contact IPTrader today for more details.