Who Came Out on Top in
This Year’s Patent Market?

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And the 2015 Patent Winners Are…

While the patent landscape is always changing and evolving one can always be sure that there will be plenty of patent activity to go around. While more and more weaker patents have been abandoned, there are still just as many, or more, new filings as there have always been. Universities, corporations and individual inventors alike continue to innovate and file for patents to protect those innovations. Likewise, patent filings come from many different sectors and industries. Obviously, one of the most active industries when it comes to patents is the tech industry. Companies large and small are continuously developing and marketing new products and ideas as the tech world reaches new heights never before achieved. So who were the biggest of the biggest winners this year?

Apple and Google Remain Strong

When it comes to tech companies the biggest winners these days usually have their hands in the smartphone business. Even though the big smartphone makers have eased off the throttle a little of late in their ongoing legal patent wars that doesn’t mean they aren’t still compiling larger and stronger portfolios in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. There is a month to go still in 2015, mind you, and it seems that there are reports of new patent filings released every day, so the scorecard could still change before the calendar turns to January. But in any case, the past 11 months haves provided a strong reading for who came out on top in the patent scorecard in 2015. To probably no one’s surprise, Google and Apple are two of the top dogs in their respective industries and it’s not really that close. Google leads in Communications/Internet Services and Apple is head and shoulders above the rest in Electronics.

Other Winners

Meantime, although Blackberry has seen its smartphones sales drop considerably over the last five years, the company still has a strong patent portfolio. In fact, it’s because of the fact that their device sales have continuously dropped, that the company has turned its focus to its patent portfolio in order to stay relevant and profitable. Blackberry sits in fifth place in the same category as Google. Social media is another huge market, including new patent development. Facebook, Zynga and Seven Networks are all doing well in the social media patent scorecard. The scorecards are based on quantitative tracking of more than 6,000 of the top companies and other entities in the world and their patent portfolios. The ranking is based not only how many patents a company has in its portfolio, but also how strong those patents are.

Scorecard Analysis

Even though the patent world has changed, and continues to change, the tech industry continues to innovate and develop new technologies that they almost always protect with patents. That hasn’t changed in 2015 and it won’t change in 2016. The tech industry will continue to innovate and the patent battles will always be a part of their competition.