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Patent ID: CN00130809.2

Grapefruit meat, fruit preservative

Description: A grapefruit meat, fruit preservative, the present invention provides a method can significantly inhibit the growth of mold, grapefruit pulp improve overall disease control effect during storage of chemical preservative combination formula, the formula group was divided into: benzimidazole fungicide 5 ~ 55.5% (by weight), film forming agents of 10 to 84% (by weight), calcium salt of 3 to 30% (by weight), from 5 to 50 percent of organic acid (by weight), antioxidants from 1 to 50% (by weight), phosphate 5 ~ 50% (by weight).Grapefruit pulp with this preservative can strongly inhibit the growth of mold, after their treatment, meat, fruit is generally stored 15 days to maintain good fruit rate of 100%.

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DOI: A23B7 / 154; A23B7 / 157