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Patent ID: CN02144637.7

And bursting disc combination of normally open pilot-operated relief valve

Description: A bursting disc combination with normally open pilot-operated relief valve, belonging to the field of security equipment, the main valve and pilot valve. A main valve fixed to the lower body, the pilot valve mounted on the valve body. Lumen of the cylinder, at the outlet of the cylinder with a bottom fixed to the lower body. Pistons for two cylinders in series as a whole is made, the upper horizontal fragmentation in the cylinder block, cylinder through the bottom surface of the lower section of the main valve fixed connection. Cylinder with a spring pulling the main valve piston begins is open. On the side wall at the inlet of the main valve is opened media channels and pilot valve intake passage. A pilot valve and a pilot valve, and a small pilot valve exhaust passage larger exhaust passage. When the pressure is high, a small pilot valve exhaust passage not vented, the pressure is reduced to a certain small degree of the pilot valve to the exhaust passage of the cylinder above the piston in the exhaust gas chamber. Since the start of the main valve is turned on, when the pressure suddenly rises, the gas can be discharged in time, at the same time, the safety valve can be reset in time, you can keep most of the reaction medium. The main valve inlet and outlet installed bursting disc, which can guarantee the safety valve seal.

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DOI: F16K17 / 10; F16K17 / 16