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Patent ID: CN031247555

The method used to eliminate vibration measuring environmental impact posture light camera system relay

Description: A system for measuring environmental impact of the elimination of vibration of light camera system relay gesture methods. The method is fixedly connected on the main camera vice camera vibration environment to work in, but also the location of sight between the fixed reference material outside the laboratory environment, vice camera with a fixed reference material to pass, as the vice camera Even the installation of a solid co-sign the relay cameras, camera system constituting the gesture; can either be measured directly from the system to obtain the target relative to a fixed reference position and attitude thereof by measuring relay, as can also the attitude measurement system relay obtained due to environmental changes caused by vibration, vice camera position and attitude, resulting in changes in the position and orientation of the main camera and the measurement results were corrected accordingly.Layout measuring device can be used in various ways. In the vibration environment the main camera position, attitude change and affect the measurement result, and reference materials can not be fixed from the pass, as the case of the experimental position, it is possible to eliminate the influence of light measured vibration environments.

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DOI: G01C11 / 00 (2006.01)