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Patent ID: CN03152860.0

Freeze-drying apparatus of the porous polymeric material

Description: A freeze-drying apparatus for the removal of the solvent in the porous material of the porous polymer material by the low temperature medium tank 1 and the freeze-drying chamber 10 consisting, in the cryogenic medium in the storage tank 1 has a low temperature medium 13, in a freeze drying chamber 10 a cover 9 in the freeze-drying chamber 10 is also provided with a vacuum exhaust port 7, the exhaust port 7 is connected to the vacuum evacuation means disposed in a freeze drying chamber 10 within the upper portion of the tank 1 and the cryogenic medium in the tank 1 of the cryogenic medium, the outer region of the cryogenic medium in the tank and is located within a freeze drying chamber 10 is provided with a heat transfer block 2, the heat transfer block 2 is connected to the lifting device.After the introduction of the present invention, in particular the drying gas inlet tube into the trachea of ​​the drying gas into the outlet end of the carriage below the technical measures and dried, can be dried into the drying gas through the block, the block material to improve freeze-drying efficiency, effectively shorten the freeze-drying time, reducing energy consumption.

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DOI: F26B5 / 06; F26B19 / 00