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Patent ID: CN101090654_B

Discrete cell body support and method for using the same to provide dynamic massage

Description: A mattress or another type of support surface, which allows for discrete manipulation of the pressure on a supported body. The present invention includes resilient fluid cells having a spring bias, grouped to allow adjustable dynamic control of the pressure exerted on various locations of the body support. Each of the fluid cells has a multiple port air distribution system, either integral to the fluid cell or attached to the fluid cell. The multiple port air distribution system includes ports and allows for the control of intake flow, outflow, and sound. A harnessing system is attached to the ports of the multiple port air distribution system and interconnects the fluid cells in a pattern desired by the user. The harnessing system controls the directions and flow volume of air into the fluid cells creating selected zones. The harnessing configuration is customizable to a particular patient. The fluid cells are held together by a casing. The casing supports, houses, and prevents movement of the fluid cells and the harnessing system.

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