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Patent ID: CN200410061316.8

One kind of high voltage overhead transmission lines running along the robot

Description: A method for high voltage overhead transmission lines along a traveling robot comprising a moving arm along the transmission line (1) mechanical structures, two arm (1) the lower end of the robot are commonly coupled to a change in the second arm (1 ) arm (2) the relative distance of the transmission mechanism (8), each arm (1) each have four degrees of freedom, the arm (1) above to the end of the actuator (3), the end of the actuator (3 ) having a hung transmission line (4) on the driving wheel (5) and its drive mechanism (9), a driven wheel (10) and a grip power line (4) of the clamping mechanism (22). Advantages of the present invention are: a wide range of applications, efficient and safe, high inspection accuracy, at the same time, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, and can reach a human can not reach the line. The robot can patrol the entire process for the transmission line and achieve the desired movement.

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DOI: B25J5 / 02 (2006.01)