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Patent ID: CN200510038181.8

Low melting point lead-free solder alloy of tin and zinc paste

Description: A method for welding and surface mount electronic components common lead-free solder, more particularly to a low melting point alloy and Sn-Zn lead-free solder paste, from Zn, Bi, Nd and Sn, wherein the content of Zn in weight percent 5 to 9%, by weight of the content of Bi is 0.5% to 4%, by weight of the content of Nd is 0.01% to 0.5%, the balance being Sn; Sn-Zn lead-free solder paste of low melting point solder alloy, solder particle surfaces coated with 0.1 ~ Sn or Sn alloy 10μm; the invention has a reduced cost of the alloy and smelting requirements, simplifying the melting process and improve the oxidation resistance of the alloy to improve the storage stability of the paste, the solder melting process is simple and so on.

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DOI: B23K35 / 26 (2006.01); C22C13 / 00 (2006.01)