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Patent ID: CN200510038183.7

The method of preparation of the second bubble shaped pieces of aluminum foam

Description: Methods for preparing secondary foam for the preparation of foam aluminum alloy foam shaped pieces, comprising the following steps: First, the aluminum alloy is heated to melt, and the addition of calcium to aluminum melt, stir evenly; again titanium hydride was added and stirred to obtain a homogeneous titanium hydride Foam aluminum melt in the melt thoroughly mixed, then quickly put paddle, a foam foam aluminum will melt rapidly cooled to obtain a foam aluminum; again The first aluminum foam is heated after cooling, and incubated, and then pressed into the aluminum alloy after incubation preform, and finally the aluminum alloy into the preform mold, and thermal insulation, so that the aluminum foam preform, and then the hair After cooling aluminum foam bubbles, get a second Aluminum Alloy.

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DOI: C22C1 / 08 (2006.01); C22C21 / 00 (2006.01)