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Patent ID: CN200510086302.6

A long-range high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy system

Description: A long-range high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy system. It consists of an ultrasonic transducer motion control devices, motion control server (109), B-machine (107), medical imaging server (108), doctor workstation (111, 112) and the nurses station (114) form. Doctors and nurses workstation workstation through TCP / IP network (110) and motion control server, medical imaging server connected to read and control the status of the surgical procedure by sending a command to the server manner. Medical Imaging server connection B-machine, the B-mode images digitized sent to the medical station. Motion control server connection ultrasonic transducer motion control device, in accordance with the instructions issued by the doctor workstation controls the movement of the ultrasound transducer and ultrasonic emitter. The system allows multiple physician workstation using TCP / IP network connection to the system to achieve remote consultation and remote surgery.

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DOI: A61N7 / 00 (2006.01); A61N7 / 02 (2006.01)