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Patent ID: CN200510110083.0

Bus arrival prediction method

Description: A bus arrival prediction method comprises the following steps: data collection; data preprocessing; treatment modeling; Prediction road: the combination of historical model libraries and day road condition information to predict a certain point in time in which sections of the day state; bus arrival prediction: Real-time bus traveling to accept data to determine the specific location of a bus station nearest to predict the future between the various sections of this portion of the bus to the bus station road conditions, calculate this in various sections of the bus time consumed, in order to predict the arrival time; modeling updates. The method of the present invention is modeled on the basis of the GPS data can be processed by massive parallel computing technology GPS data can be effectively combined with real-time data to predict the day of the bus station, because the data source can be a constant supply of effective and lasting link data, they can constantly update each History section of the model, and thus more effectively predict the road conditions.Makes forecasting more accurate and timely bus arrival.

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DOI: G06Q10 / 00 (2006.01) I; G08G1 / 01 (2006.01) I