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Patent ID: CN200610031176.9

An anti-adaptive constant pressure nozzle

Description: A liquid fuel injection system backpressure adaptive constant nozzle, which sleeve is provided with a central rod 10, the rear of the center rod 10 is cylindrical body 4 and the front portion of the cone 8, the cone 8 the larger end of the nozzle body outlet 9 side, the center rod 10 and the distal end of the package 2, and the piston of the piston ring 2 and the inner cavity 8 of the gap formed between the cone of the nozzle outlet 9 communicates 7 while the rear end of the cylindrical body of the front end of the communication passage 6, the fuel inlet channel 6 is a rear end 5, between the rear end of the piston 2 and the sleeve is equipped with a rear end of the spring 3. Compared with the existing nozzle, no external energy driven to automatically adapt to changes in the back pressure within a certain range, to keep the flow constant and simple structure, reliable performance, can be widely used in energy, power, heating, aerospace propulsion jet NOTE systems.

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DOI: F23D11 / 38 (2006.01)