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Patent ID: CN200710028013.X

Fluidized three-dimensional electrode reactor for organic wastewater treatment

Description: A three-dimensional electrode reactor for fluidized bed of organic wastewater treatment, including the reaction bed, loop filter porous metal pump, pump, power supply and the power connector electrodes and electrode particles fed, which is characterized by the porous metal electrodes fed at least three, at least one porous metal electrode is a decomposition of the oxidizable organic matter in the wastewater of the active electrode, the feeding electrode of each of the porous metal are connected to the power source and the anode and cathode are alternately arranged in a steaming tray shaped body of the bed, the adjacent fed between two porous metal electrodes supported by a corrosion-resistant insulating material and filled with particles fixed electrode. Since the present invention uses a porous metal sheet fed by multiple electrode anode electrodes are alternately arranged and composed of three-dimensional organic combination with particle electrode structure, can greatly improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, and less means covering the present invention, investment, operation simple, long electrode life, stable operation, processing costs and operating costs significantly reduced.

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DOI: C02F1 / 461 (2006.01) I