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Patent ID: CN200710051923.X

The beginning of cooler gas horizontal tube furnace for coke

Description: The beginning of cooler gas horizontal tube furnace for coke, coke oven gas relates to a cooling device. Now for the existence of the gas cooler early low cross tube heat exchange efficiency of the drawbacks, the present invention provides a cross-tube gas cooler early for coke ovens, including the beginning of cooler housing (1), the housing (1) in the upper section is fixed to the spray tube (2) and a lower spray pipe section (3), set-off tray (4) above the lower section of the spray tube (3). Top of the next segment of this invention spraying pipe set off the tray, which is at the beginning of the intercooler, setting off the tray between the lower section, so you can control the condensate and spray liquid on the primary cooler section does not pass through the lower section beginning intercooler directly leads, so the spray solution and condensate flowing through the cooler section at the beginning of the cold tubes absorb the lower section can be avoided. Apparently, it reduces the heat load cryogenic cooler early stage, while reducing the low-temperature water dosage, reducing the cost of consumption, improve the efficiency of heat transfer tubes for gas.

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DOI: C10B27 / 06 (2006.01) I