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Patent ID: CN200710064359.5

An oscillating flow heat pipe to do with the inner tube solar heat absorbing glass vacuum tube collector

Description: An oscillatory flow with a solar heat pipe vacuum tube collector heat absorbing glass tube, which belongs to the field of solar collectors. Including: the outer oscillating flow heat pipe, the inner oscillating flow heat pipe, heat blocking cover, glass vacuum tube. Oscillating flow heat pipe (1) on the glass vacuum tube (4) is the central axis of the circumference of a uniform distribution of 2 to 3 layers of glass vacuum tube (4) from the inside of the glass tube (5), the outer glass tube (6), spring bracket (7), a getter (8) consisting of; a glass tube open at one end, the inner end of the glass tube and the outer tube port for sealing the annular melt; the other end is sealed into a hemispherical head, the inner tube by a spring bracket (7 ) a support; equipped getter (8) on a spring carrier, a glass tube to absorb the gas generated run-time, to maintain a high degree of vacuum, the opening end of the glass tube is designed with heat blocking cover (3), can reduce the heat loss in the collector tube. Advantageously, the endothermic area per unit volume, high collection efficiency.

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DOI: F24J2 / 05 (2006.01); F24J2 / 24 (2006.01); F24J2 / 32 (2006.01)