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Patent ID: CN200710145750.8

The fluidized bed reactor organosilicon monomer method and apparatus for direct recovery of the catalyst

Description: Fluidized bed reactor catalyst of an organic silicon monomer method and apparatus for direct recycling. The method includes making an α-type cyclone, the import filter and reactor outlet connected to the tubular reactor feed legs terminating terminating at the lower part of the cylindrical body ash silo entrance of coarse particles of the catalyst dense phase directly back to the reactor section Set within the ash silo cone portion anticyclonic hood, into the dust of wind speed within 16 ~ 24m / s diplegs pressure difference> 1500Pa step to stabilize the reaction conditions and parameters. Means including α-type cyclone and oblique cylindrical legs and other materials. It implements the coarse particles in a timely manner directly back to bed, medium particle intermittent back to bed, fine dust to be removed timely discharge systems; significantly reduce the amount of Si-Cu with reactants and the catalyst, reducing reaction condition parameters, the reaction product yields and fluctuations in the content of other indicators; stable product quality, improve the reaction yield, reduce energy consumption and catalyst consumption. Can be widely used in the synthesis of organic silicon monomer.

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DOI: C07F7 / 08 (2006.01) I