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Patent ID: CN200710158676.3

Portable badminton training robot

Description: One kind of badminton training robot, belonging to the field of sports training equipment. The lid and the machine body composition machine body all mounted on the chassis, and the chassis cover is installed folded to form a closed box, the machine body includes a space truss wire cage ball storage mechanism, mechanical escapement mechanism formula for spherical, cylindrical Cam end face of the clutch hitting bodies, worm variant intensity agencies, buffering mechanism, running gear, chassis, retractable landing gear, portable telescoping rod; lower space truss wire cage for storing badminton ball mechanism mounted storage can be arranged Badminton close-by separate type of mechanical escapement mechanism for the ball; cylindrical cam is mounted on the end face of the clutch hitting institution chassis, foldable, its compact, portable, low cost, large storage ball, convenient and reliable, practical strong, and can be applied to professional training, can also be used for personal fitness and recreation.

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DOI: A63B69 / 00 (2006.01) I