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Patent ID: CN200710185428.8

Microwave steam humidity detection sensors

Description: A microwave steam humidity detection sensor, is testing technology, used to solve the problem of steam and humidity detection. The technical solution is that it comprises an opening at both ends, the middle of the cylindrical cavity of the microwave signal transmission interface, an annular separator disposed respectively at both ends of the cylindrical internal cavity and the annular separator from 1 to 4 and the cylindrical cavity coaxial cylinder of the cylindrical cavity are close to one end of the cylindrical cavity and connected to the port, the expansion coefficient of the spacer ring is larger than the cylindrical cavity. The invention has simple structure, easy to use, low demands on the environment, which cooperate with the microwave signal processing circuit can achieve high-precision measurement of the flow line Wetness.

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DOI: G01N22 / 04 (2006.01) I