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Patent ID: CN200810010499.9

Oil sewage effluent tank ship oil decanter oil system

Description: An oil-water ship oil slop tank decanting the oil system, which belongs to the ship sewage treatment and environmental protection. This oil sewage effluent tank ship oil decanter oil system uses hydraulic device for each hydraulic remote valves are equipped with a three-way solenoid valve, the electronic control unit according to the oil-water interface meter and gauge input signal is provided by a memory given parameters of the three-way solenoid valve control, hydraulic oil open the corresponding hydraulic remote valves via three-way solenoid valve, so that the oil floating on the surface of the water tanks of oil waste oil by decanting funnel flow into slop tanks. The decanter low oil system investment and saving, stable and safe, reliable, high degree of automation and ease of maintenance management.

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DOI: C02F1 / 40 (2006.01) I