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Patent ID: CN200810010500.8

Oil Sewage ship oil sewage treatment apparatus and method

Description: An oil-water ship oil sewage treatment apparatus and method, which belongs to the ship sewage treatment and environmental protection. Since the oil sewage treatment apparatus and method for shipping oil wastewater using pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment combined. In the multi-stage pre-treatment precipitation cabin completion grease, oil, sewage from the inlet to the last 42 hours; the process is completed in the swash plate grease tanks and flotation tanks; post-processing using multi-stage filtration devices. Ship oil through a multi-stage sewage grease precipitation, swash plate grease, air and multi-stage filtration process oily water discharged oil concentration ≤5mg / L, even ≤2mg / L. The treatment of low oil sewage plant investment, stable and reliable, high efficiency and easy maintenance management; oil wastewater treatment process is simple, reliable and economical, waste oil recycling, significant economic benefits.

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DOI: C02F1 / 40 (2006.01) I