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Patent ID: CN200810011365.9

Metal mesh honeycomb support coated alumina coating method

Description: A honeycomb coated metal mesh carrier alumina coating method, coating preparation belonging to the technical field of metal carrier. Characterized in that the metal mesh support after forming the honeycomb, for the metal surface pretreatment, and then the wire mesh honeycomb carrier was immersed in the slurry containing the γ-Al2O3 powder and aluminum powder by electrodeposition method in the honeycomb wire network carrier surface deposition γ-Al2O3 powder and aluminum powder, and finally calcined honeycomb coated metal carrier coating. Wherein the honeycomb material is an aluminum-containing stainless steel metal carrier a metal mesh, a metal coating on the honeycomb surface of the support mesh uniformly dispersed, no cracks, the coating having a thickness of 30 ~ 80μm; aluminum powder added to improve the coating thermal shock resistance and resistance to mechanical vibration performance, improve inter-coat adhesion and honeycomb metal mesh. The beneficial effects of the present invention is that the method is applicable to motor vehicle exhaust, gas-solid preparation stationary source exhaust and catalytic reactions involved in the field of catalytic combustion catalyst carrier used in fields such as environmental protection coating on.

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