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Patent ID: CN200810015260.0

A method for deinking printed on the control sample ink amount

Description: A method for deinking printed on the control sample ink amount, which belongs to the field of printing technology.The method is as follows: 1) to determine the density of printed ink zone target field; 2) the use of printability tester, show the color wheel or stick coated printed on paper in the field, to determine the ink coverage on the paper after printing drying, use reflection densitometer or a spectrophotometer to measure the density of printed ink zone field by adjusting the amount of printing ink to make field density values ​​satisfy print ink density of the target area on the ground; and 3) to determine the printed ink coverage of the target, using image analysis software measuring printing ink coverage: 4) determined according to the specifications of paper deinking number of samples in each group, the measurement results for each group of samples are calculated, compared, after adjustment of the ink coverage of each sample set to meet the target requirements. The present invention can accurately control the amount of ink applied to many types of deinking printed on the sample, wide application range, high reliability.

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DOI: B41F33 / 00 (2006.01) I; G01B11 / 28 (2006.01) I