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Patent ID: CN200810031898.3

MRF devices for high steepness of the optical components

Description: MRF device for high steepness of the optical components, which include machine tools, MRF device and control system and are connected to the above components, the machine includes a horizontal base and a vertical base, X axis and Y-axis linear motion mechanism linear motion mechanism was "ten" cross-like arrangement on a horizontal base, X-axis linear motion mechanism is fixed on the Y-axis linear motion slide mechanism, Z-axis linear motion mechanism is arranged in a vertical on the base unit for mounting MRF C-axis rotary table fixed to the X-axis linear motion slide mechanism for mounting workpiece fixture rotary table B axis is fixed to the Z-axis linear motion slide mechanism on the block, used to drive the rotation of the workpiece to be machined A-axis rotary table mounted on the tail end of workholding, MRF device and the workpiece to be relatively level. The invention has simple structure, low cost, simple control, etc., can achieve high steepness of the optical parts processing.

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DOI: B24B57 / 02 (2006.01) I; B24B13 / 005 (2006.01) I