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Patent ID: CN200810055518.X

GC column and volatile gaseous preparation method for separating arsenic compounds

Description: GC column and a preparation method for the separation of volatile gaseous arsenic compound, is a chemical detection technology, the column is not suitable for solving ordinary separation of volatile gaseous arsenic compound the problem. The technical program: a flexible PTFE column column column, a powdered filler 80 to 100 mesh polysiloxane stationary phase. Using a positive pressure air blowing filler filling filling method. The present invention can meet the unique requirements of the separation of gaseous arsenic compounds, with plasticity, easy to cut to cut, easy to bend, fit and good, can withstand low temperature -196 ℃ and 200 ℃ high temperature and has excellent resistance to chemical corrosive, can be easily and trapping device and detection device to achieve docking. The present invention provides a positive pressure air blower filling method is convenient, simple, and low requirements on the characteristics of the operation proficiency, a packing density, the column efficiency and reproducibility of a gaseous arsenic compound is isolated fully meet the need.

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DOI: G01N30 / 56 (2006.01) I; B01J20 / 285 (2006.01) I