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Patent ID: CN200810070784.X

A nickel-plated metal surface preparation methods

Description: A preparation of the metal surface of the nickel plating method, to a metal plating. Provide a method for the preparation of the metal surface nickel plating. Degreasing the surface of the metal, placed in a solution bath, tin plating layer on the metal surface, and then placed in a solution bath, tin plating on the metal surface after the nickel plating layer; the metal plating layer of nickel was placed in the solution tank passivation, insulation, remove the coating of hydrogen, and then diffusion annealing and stress relieving heat treatment. Using nickel / tin plating thickness, add a thin layer of tin, rapid cooling after diffusion heat treatment to achieve high single-phase solid solution interfacial strength, not added in the bath brightener, bright and smooth coating of coating to form a single-phase solid solution structure, improve the coating and substrate interfacial adhesion. The use of binary phase diagram predicted a large component within the range of tin-nickel incompatible principle, the exposed iron rate and the rate of the exposed copper diffusion barrier layer under the action of tin tends to zero, to maintain a high corrosion resistance coating. Other good mechanical properties, can be used as a multi-purpose anti-corrosion coating.

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