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Patent ID: CN20081007115.1

A carrier and its preparation method and application for gene delivery

Description: Carrier and its preparation method and application for gene delivery involving a gene delivery vector, through a two-step sol - gel reaction of gelatin - silicone nano hybrid materials. Gelatin and 3- (2,3-epoxy-propoxy) propyl trimethoxy silane compound under acidic conditions, the hydrolysis reaction; the PH value of the sol was adjusted to weak alkaline, so that a polymerization reaction of silane, can be have gelatin - silicone nanoparticles.Gelatin prepared - silicone nano hybrid materials biocompatible, non-toxic side effects, high stability; it is combined with exogenous gene expression can be achieved on the DNA of transport and high transduction efficiency, non-immunogenic size range, non-cytotoxic, and can transfer a foreign gene can be from tens to thousands of BP KB, to overcome the viral vector to insert the foreign gene size limitations. Can effectively carry foreign genes into the host cell, and enables efficient exogenous gene transfection and expression.

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DOI: A61K48 / 00 (2006.01) I; C12N15 / 63 (2006.01) I