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Patent ID: CN200810071522.5

A method of monitoring corrosion of reinforced concrete structures multifunctional sensor for

Description: A system for monitoring corrosion of reinforced concrete structures multifunctional sensors, relates to a sensor. To provide an on-site while monitoring the concrete carbonation, CL -multifunction sensor and its preparation method for monitoring the concentration of the corrosion of reinforced concrete structures, steel corrosion and the corrosion rate of electrochemical parameters such as corrosion. Has a metal shell, CL - probe, PH probe, steel electrodes, MNO2 than the reference electrode and the outer guide lines. Probes were prepared CL-, PH probe steel electrode and a reference electrode, the probe will CL-, PH probe electrode and the steel MNO2 reference electrode mounted in the housing.The guide wire of the probe and the outer electrode is connected to the metal housing and extending metal seal between the probe and the fixed electrode and the metal shell and the upper end of each probe and the electrode to the insulating material is exposed, the exposed end with permeable material coating; outer guide line connecting the metal parts of the housing sealed.

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DOI: G01N17 / 02 (2006.01) I; G01N27 / 30 (2006.01) I