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Patent ID: CN200810079226.X

Thermal expansion device for a refrigeration system can automatically adjust the

Description: Thermal expansion device for a refrigeration system can automatically adjust, which belongs to the field of refrigeration technology, when used to solve the vortex tube cooling system is not conducive for the automatic control of the problem. The technical program: It consists of thermal expansion portion and automatically adjust components, thermal expansion part of the vortex tube, the hot end of the tube equipped with vortex tube heat valves, automatic adjustment portion includes a spring, adjusting head, diaphragm, capillary and a temperature sensing package, the adjusting heads of the tubular body, the end wall of the hot end of the tube having one end communicating with the vortex tube, and the other end turn of the diaphragm, the docking port of the capillary, the capillary communication with the temperature-sensitive packets, the adjustment head equipped with jack, the jack by the spring force of the diaphragm and both ends thereof are connected to the hot end of the valve. Design of the present invention is used for a refrigeration system that can promptly and accurately by automatically adjusting the valve to control the hot air-flow vortex tube and temperature, thereby adjusting the degree of superheat of the refrigeration system, so that stability of the system, increase the level of automation of the system.

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DOI: F25B9 / 04 (2006.01) I