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Patent ID: CN200810242552.8

Protect the health and safety of the vending machine method for

Description: A method for protecting the health and safety of the vending machine, vending areas belong. The method is completed by the health and safety protection device, the apparatus comprising a controller (101), and a controller connected to the temperature sensor (101) (102), the door sensor (103), closing the timer (104), overtemperature timer (105) and memory. The method includes the steps of: A) the controller (101) to check whether the customer selected commodities within the scope of health and safety checks, namely whether the goods for storage temperatures have special requirements; if not, then allow the sale of selected commodities; If yes, then the controller (101) to continue to inspect the goods storage conditions; B) if the merchandise is not normal storage conditions, the implementation of health and safety protection, does not allow sales; If OK, then allow the sale of the selected product. The present invention can automatically prevent the deterioration of the goods sold to the customer.

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DOI: G07F9 / 00 (2006.01) I