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Patent ID: CN200810243300.7

An electronic information system and method for monitoring land

Description: An electronic information system and method for monitoring the land, build a field data collection and data processing within the industry, two subsystems, field data acquisition system based on MOBILEGIS platform, combined with GPS positioning, GPRS network, Bluetooth communication, etc. land monitoring achieve high-precision positioning, in the presence / absence of the case of using a different VRS network differential positioning methods, the acquisition of digital information, construct the delete list, camera / video evidence with feature hyperlinks to achieve the outer land monitoring electronics industry information technology; data processing systems within the industry, based on SUPERMAPGIS development platform and BROWSER / SERVER structure, combined with XML data exchange, spatial geographic coordinate projection transformation, overlay analysis, expression and operating within the industry to achieve the multi-source map data, a combination of queries, generate reports updating land monitoring database, templates and many other features custom properties to achieve the electronic information within the industry, land monitoring job.

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DOI: G01C11 / 04 (2006.01) I; G06F17 / 30 (2006.01) I; G06F19 / 00 (2006.01) I