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Patent ID: CN200910009118.X

Mixing nozzle within a preheated

Description: Mixed within a preheat nozzle, including expansion section, constriction, inner tubes, air intake, mixing tube, central tube, outer tube, gas imports, imports of reactants; the front end of the center tube is expanding segment, mixing section by contraction of the connection section and the expansion section, the rear end of the central tube of the reaction was imported; mixing section is provided with two or more rows of inlet holes; central inner tube distal end of the expanding portion of the gap remains the central tube, and the rear end the central tube is connected; expansion section of the head of the outer sleeve and the central tube is connected to the front end, the rear end of the central tube is connected to, and disposed in the rear of the casing by gas import; air intake pipe and the center angle of 30 ~ 90 °, tilt angle 0 ~ 70 °; the first part of the expansion of the material with a center tube segments for wear and corrosion of metallic material or refractory lined high temperature ceramic materials.

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DOI: B05B7 / 16 (2006.01) I; C10J3 / 50 (2006.01) I