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Patent ID: CN200910012622.5

The sulfonation of naphthalene sulfonic acid prepared in the micro-reactor with sulfur trioxide in

Description: A micro reactor with sulfur trioxide in the preparation of naphthalene sulfonic acid, which belongs to the field of preparation of fine chemicals dye intermediates. The method is 10 to 500 microns in diameter micro channel reactor to alkyl halide, an organic solvent, nitromethane, naphthalene and its derivatives as a raw material, an organic solution of liquid sulfur trioxide as sulfonating agent in the organic solvents, raw materials and the molar ratio of sulfonating agent 74:1:1 ~ 19 ~ 3 formulated as a solution, the reaction temperature is controlled sulfonation -17 ~ 90 ℃, sulfonation of naphthalene-sulfonic acid was prepared. The method uses a continuous flow reactor, the reactor can not overcome the conventional instant mix issues that prevent the side effects caused by localized excess, very suitable for highly exothermic reaction, fast response, explosive reactions. Compared with conventional batch reactor preparation process does not generate waste water, waste acid, clean and environmentally friendly technology, the theoretical amount of sulfur trioxide amount of accessible, fast response, sulfonated, low temperature, high yield, good reproducibility, high labor productivity, low cost of equipment.

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