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Patent ID: CN200910013558.2

Plate heat exchanger element is used for evaporation condensation

Description: Plate heat exchanger element for evaporation condensation, belonging Engineering Thermal Physics and Energy and the use of technology in the field. Wherein the fabric has a specially designed heat transfer enhancement structure on the heat exchange zone element to the condensing side convex structure plays the role of fixed and spoiler. Since the structure of the evaporator has a convex configuration in the recess can be formed more nucleation sites, having a slit with a micro-scale effect for the working fluid between the structure and design of the plate, configured according to the height of the working fluid After the optimum value from the capillary diameter and the length of the calculated characteristic values, such that the bubble nucleation sites resulting from the sliding between the plates in the process continues to grow so as to take away more heat absorbing heat, and the surface through which updated accelerated convection of the liquid. Effects and benefits of the present invention is to provide an evaporative condenser element consisting of direct immersion, has a high heat transfer coefficient, easily washable, easy corrosion, and low power consumption advantages.

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DOI: F28F3 / 08 (2006.01) I; F28F9 / 007 (2006.01) I