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Patent ID: CN200910028074.5

Meridian body surface electrode array for signal detection

Description: An electrode array body surface meridian signal detection, including tape carrier, is provided on the tape carrier detection electrode and the detection electrode on the tape carrier presents an array of distributed sensing electrode comprises a metal needle, metal needle through tape carrier, is provided at one end of a metal pin for contacting the body surface of the probe. The present invention can simultaneously detect non-planar multi-point or incentives, to achieve high-speed, high-throughput testing. When the electrode is fixed, the relative position of the electrodes and conditions remain unchanged, ensuring the stability of the data, reduce errors. Such an electrode array, the electrodes can be made ​​to obtain good contact with the skin. The point of contact between the electrodes and the substrate by thin elastic pad liner to ensure a better contact with the body surface in the case where the surface is not absolutely flat, and the base point of each of the electrodes to ensure the contact condition between the skin and the same. Point of contact between the electrodes and the substrate by a thin layer lining the gasket can prevent electrode way elastic cushion the impact point stuck in contact with the electrode surface.

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DOI: A61B5 / 05 (2006.01) I