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Patent ID: CN200910033418.1

Ordered nanotube array structure of the electrode material and preparation method and energy storage applications

Description: An orderly preparation nanotube array structure supercapacitor electrode material. Titanium di oxide nanotube electrode carrier, in which the wall surface of the supported metal oxide electrochemically active electrode material to build functional nanotube array structure, wherein the nanotube diameter 50-200NM, wall thickness 10-20NM, Length 0.2-50ΜM. Firstly, since the anodic oxidation reaction of the titanium-based template titania electrode carrier synthetic methods for preparing an array of ordered nanotube structure, and then the titanium-based electrode carrier titania nanotube array is an ordered structure as a working electrode, a transition metal ion or a noble metal ion electrolyte solution as work to restore power through the cycle - electro-oxidation reaction, in situ synthesis of nano-wall metal oxide surface coating layer prepared electrochemically active electrode material. An electrode material ordered nanotube array structure as a supercapacitor electrode energy storage applications.

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DOI: H01G9 / 042 (2006.01) I; B82B1 / 00 (2006.01) I; B82B3 / 00 (2006.01) I