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Patent ID: CN200910042925.1

Waves for underwater propulsion energy conversion device

Description: An underwater propulsion wave energy conversion device includes a battery, wave sensing section, the transmission section, the one-way motion conversion portion and the power portion of the scroll spring torsional wave sensing portion comprises an inner frame, the horizontal axis, the first longitudinal axis, the second longitudinal axis and a hammer, a first and a second longitudinal axis and the vertical axis is supported on the body frame, the inner frame is supported on one end of the first longitudinal axis, and the other end is fixedly connected with the second longitudinal axis, the horizontal axis and first longitudinal axis arranged vertically and supported at both ends of the horizontal axis on the inner frame, horizontal tops with a second bevel gear and weight, coat has a first longitudinal axis and the second bevel gear engaged with the first bevel gear the first longitudinal axis and second longitudinal portions are respectively connected with the motion transmission, the transmission section by the one portion and the scroll motion converting the power generation portion is connected to the torsion spring, the torsion spring is connected to the worm portion of the battery power. The underwater propulsion wave energy conversion device having the wave energy is converted to electrical energy, the long distance to support the advantages of the pusher.

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DOI: F03B13 / 16 (2006.01) I; B63H19 / 02 (2006.01) I