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Patent ID: CN200910043854.7

Multi-task scheduling method for combining navigation processor and integrated navigation processor

Description: (3) implementation of a satellite; (1) Set the sync pulse synthesizer and an interrupt signal combiner; (2) the implementation of the inertial measurement unit serial data receiver tasks: multi-task scheduling method for integrated navigation processor, comprising the steps of navigation data reception tasks; (4) the implementation of the twin-like SINS computing tasks; (5) perform computing tasks based navigation Kalman filtering method. The processor used in navigation, which includes a main control unit, the main control unit is provided with an interrupt manager, the interrupt signal combiner, the sync pulse synthesizer, general-purpose input output interface unit, the serial port 0, 1, and serial port Serial port 2. The invention has simple and compact structure, simple in principle, can greatly improve the utilization of integrated navigation processor to improve the overall efficiency and other advantages.

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DOI: G01C21 / 16 (2006.01) I; G01C21 / 20 (2006.01) I